Bring Mai Flowers
"The Film"

X. Silent opening with Andi in the kitchen and bathroom.
1. Andi and Mari are opposites (carefree vs. do the right thing) but close friends.
2. Mari has told Andi they are just friends.
3. Andi hooks up with Mai, a girl he met at a club.
4. Andi charms Mai.
5. Andi and Mari continue their close friendship.
6. Mai gets pregnant.
7. Andi convinces her to have an abortion.
8. Mai falls out of the picture.
9. Mari has to go to a small logging town for business.
10. Andi invites her to go camping beforehand.
11. Andi and Mari take this trip (business, camping, road).
12. Andi and Mari pick up a hitch hiker, Small Town Rocker.
13. Andi and Mari tell him to contact them later for a performing opportunity in the city.
14. Andi and Mari camp and hike.
15. Andi and Mari hook up at the campground.
16. Andi and Mari meet some strange fellow at the campground.
17. Andi and Mari switch roles in their relationship (carefree vs. do the right thing)
18. Andi and Mari drive on to a small motel near the logging town.
19. Andi starts to show he's falling apart emotionally.
20. Mari changes her opinion about the mill in the logging town and keeps it open.
21. Mari meets with the logging town management with the corporate headquarters listening in on speaker phone.
22. Andi and Mari start having relationship issues that they never had as friends.
23. Andi and Mari return to work.
24. Small Town Rocker contacts Andi for a performing opportunity at BnFnH.
25. Small Town Rocker hooks up with Mari while in the city.
26. Andi doesn't know about STR and Mari.
27. Mari knows Andi was with Mai but doesn't know Mai had an abortion.
28. Mari finds out she's pregnant.
29. Andi wants Mari to keep the baby and be with him.
30. Mari wants to have an abortion but won't tell Andi the real reason why.
31. Mari doesn't know who the father is, Andi or STR.
32. Mari has the abortion.
33. Andi reacts emotionally. He is self destructive over it.
34. Mari tells him she loves him and it will be OK.